Unused and expired medications, including pet and over-the-counter medicines, should not be flushed down the toilet.  medications should be properly disposed of to reduce the possibility that others may accidentally take or intentionally misues the unneeded medicine and to protect the environment.


The Clark County Water Reclamation District will be holding a medicine take back event on Saturday, October 8 at 5857 E. Flamingo Road in conjunction with our open house.    Just drop off your old or expired medicines, including any pet medications and over the counter drugs during our open house. Click here for more info!

Why can't medicines be flushed down the drain?

If mediciations are flushed down the toilet, they can remain in the water cycle.  With more and more medications in our medicine cabinets, we must dispose of them properly, and keep them out of our drinking water supply.

Ongoing research is showing that if these products are increased in nature, they can be harmful to the fish and other biological life that thrive in the waters.

How can I dispose of unused or expired medications?

Unused and expired medications, including over the counter items like aspirin and antacids, should be removed from their original bottles and placed in plastic zip top bags.    All you have to do is bring the plastic bags to your closest police substation during regular business hours.  There is a box located inside the lobby of all police substations in Southern Nevada.  Just drop your bag inside the box.  Please recycle the medicine bottles.

Needles and inhalers should not be disposed of at the drop boxes.  Republic Services offers needle disposal.  Check the information that came with your inhaler for proper disposal methods.

Where are the collection locations?

Collection boxes are located in very police substation in Clark County, including Metro, Boulder City, Henderson, Mesquite and North Las Vegas substations.  These are the safest and easiest way to disose of the old medications while doing your part to protect our community's water care cycle.  Click here for a list of all locations. 

Watch this Video on Proper Medication Disposal.


Click Here for a printable list of other items that shouldn't go down the drain.

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