Introducing Captain Can It

We can all make a difference!

The evil members of FOGG – Fat, Oil, Grease, and Grit – use their super clogging powers to “slime” your pipes with thin layers of sticky, smelly buildup as they swirl by. Their evil plot is to build up enough scum to gradually choke off the flow of wastewater to the treatment facilities and threaten our valuable water supply.
Captain Can-It is My Hero!
These disgusting FOGG characters are not fussy. Whether they clog the pipes in your own home, or cause the connection to the main sewer system to overflow out in the street, they don’t care, just so long as they get to see their favorite sight -- raw sewage back up.

Captain Can-It fights against FOGG's vile plan by teaching good citizens like you to win your own battles against them by simply putting your household fats, oils, grease, and grit in a can, rather than down the drain. When the can is full, place it in your household trash for disposal.

Captain Can-It is determined to eliminate FOGG in order to prevent costly clogs in your household drains and connecting sewer pipes. He can't do it alone, and he needs your help!