Pain in the Drain | Illegal Dumping

Dumping in a man hole

Only public employees may access public manholes for maintenance or monitoring activities. Other, illegal discharges might result in:

  • Clogged or overflowing sewer lines
  • Disruption of wastewater treatment plant processes
  • Damage to sewer lines and laterals
  • Buildup of toxic gases in the lines
  • Harmful discharges into the environment

An example of an illegal discharge is a commercial vacuum truck dumping its contents of grease interceptors, sand/oil interceptors and septic tanks into the sewer system. Illegal dumping into public manholes is most likely to occur at night and away from major streets. If you see a potentially unauthorized discharge, please contact the Water Reclamation District at 702-668-8354.

This is what we look for to indicate a problem with illegal dumping in your area:

  1. Trucks discharging unknown substances into manholes in residential neighborhoods.
  2. An interceptor full of fats, oils, and grease after having it pumped less than 30 days prior.
  3. Hauling companies that offer their services for significantly less than competitors.
  4. Foul smells with no apparent explanation.
  5. Fats, oils, and grease residue in areas not commonly known for discharges.

If you see any of these things, or suspect illegal dumping, please let us know!
Call (702) 668-8354