Introducing F.O.G.G.

The Clark County Water Reclamation District and the Cities of Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas have teamed up to ask our residents to Just Can It! and help keep cooking fat, oils, grease and grit (FOGG) out of our community's sewer systems. These agencies maintain extensive collection systems of several thousand miles of pipeline underneath the streets to deliver wastewater from homes, businesses and schools to the treatment facilities.

We call it wastewater, but it is not wasted at all. We reclaim every drop of this valuable resource by treating it to very high levels until suitable for reuse- for golf courses, soccer fields, industrial cooling and, most importantly, for return to Lake Mead and the Colorado River system for Return Flow Credits. In order to clean the water to the very high standards necessary, these agencies must keep the wastewater flowing through the pipelines to reach the plants for treatment.

Meet the members of F.O.G.G.

Fat Oil Grease Grit

Recently, we have experienced an increase in the amount of fat, oil, grease and grit in the sewer system, and have had to respond to numerous incidents where a sewer line is clogged. Putting these greasy FOGG materials down a sink causes 80% of all sewer line clogs. Raw sewage can back into homes and businesses, spilling out on to the street, and even finding its way into storm drains and back into Lake Mead.

We are asking each resident to do your part to help by keeping fats, oil, grease and grit out of the community's sewer system, by properly disposing of them in the trash.