Introducing Grease

"Grease" is his name, and this character is everywhere! Folks put him down the drain so much that it leaves him lots of time to comb that greasy mane! From bacon drippings to mayonnaise and salad dressing, he shows up just about everywhere. He and his evil cohorts -- Fat, Grease, and Grit -- conspire against your plumbing and become a real pain in the drain.

Kid with Grease

Common sources of Grease include:
Bacon residue, cooked/melted fat from meat and poultry (what gets skimmed off the top of cooked chili or chicken soup), gravy, mayonnaise, salad dressings. You definitely need to can this stuff."

Grease's Plan of Attack:
Grease's super powers include the ability to generate the critical mass needed to cause a real FOGG blockage! He'll put you in a "FOGG" and trick you into thinking that a little hot water is all it takes to wash him down the drain safely. Out of sight is out of mind, right? NO! Before you know it, he'll come bubbling back up the drain as a slimy goo after he's helped clog your pipes!