Introducing Grit

"Grit" is his name, and destruction is his game! Once he arrives at the wastewater treatment plant, he does his best to destroy equipment and clog filters. He and his evil cohorts -- Fat, Grease, and Oil -- conspire against your plumbing and become a real pain in the drain.

Kid with Grit

Common sources of Grit include:
Food by-products such as egg shells and coffee grounds, and sand from cleaning items (used rags, dirty shoes) in the sink rather than rinsing them outside, all that "other stuff" people put down the sewer, including kitty litter, disposable diapers, Q-tips, Kleenex, dental floss, etc. This guy is definitely a candidate for the trash can!

Grit's Plan of Attack:
Grit's super powers include the ability to hold a FOGG blockage together like steel rods do in concrete! If you put enough of him down the drain, he can cause a blockage all on his own, and it isn't pretty! Then, once he reaches the treatment plant, Grit goes to work chewing up seals in pumps, wearing down equipment and causing havoc everywhere.