Introducing Oil

"Oil" is his name, and slime is his game. Oil is the ringleader of the FOGG, team. He just loves it when people deep fry those Thanksgiving turkeys! He and his evil cohorts -- Fat, Grease, and Grit -- conspire against your plumbing and become a real pain in the drain.

Kid with Oil

Common sources of Oil include:
Salad oil, used cooking oil (remember those french fries you made last week?). Oil should be put back into its original container and delivered to a waste recycling center.

Oil's Plan of Attack:
Oil's super powers include the ability to slick up the pipes just enough to allow FOGG to get into all the extra nooks and crannies in the pipes and sewer lines. Once he's got the team in position, he joins with the rest of them to form a greasy, smelly mess!