Don't be a Pain in the Drain!

Classroom Activities

Grease Can
You can make your own grease can by taking an empty coffee can and putting a crumpled piece of newspaper in it. When you have used cooking grease or oil, scrape or pour it into the can. Replace the plastic lid on the can. You can leave the can on your countertop, or keep it in the refrigerator. Once the can is full, you can throw away the oily newspaper and reuse the can, with a new sheet of newspaper inside it.

You can also contact us to receive a grease can and scraper. A limited supply of grease cans that feature Captain Can-It and the FOGG characters is available. You can contact us for a grease can by calling 702-668-8065.

Teaching Downloads
  • Pain in the Drain Lesson Plans   –   MS Word  |  PDF (Acrobat Required)
  • The Adventures of Captain Can It coloring book   –   PDF (Acrobat Required)
  • Make & Decorate a Grease Can (Ages 5-14)   –   MS Word  |  PDF (Acrobat Required)
  • Medicine Disposal Fact Sheet   –   PDF  (Acrobat Required)
  • Grease Disposal Fact Sheet   –   PDF (Acrobat Required)
  • Free From Debris Fact Sheet   –   PDF (Acrobat Required)
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