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Don't Be A Pain in the Drain

There are simply some things that don't belong in the drain! Our communities build and maintain thousands of miles of wastewater pipelines that collect sewer from homes, schools, churches and businesses throughout Clark County.

Unfortunately, we also collect a lot more than what's intended to go into a sewer. Fat, oil, grease and grit make their way into the lines, clump together, and harden to form blockages in the lines.  Putting these greasy FOGG materials down a sink causes 80% of all sewer line clogs. Raw sewage can back into homes and businesses, spilling out on to the street, and even finding its way into storm drains and back into Lake Mead. Wipes, even those marketed as "flushable" can clog the drains as well.  These blockages can occur anywhere from the pipes below your sinks and toilets to the lines in your front yard or the street.

When clogs occur, they make a real mess! Lines must be inspected to locate the blockage, cleaned out or dug up and replaced. All of this is very time-consuming and expensive for you and for us.

Medicinal products shouldn't go down the drain as well.  Contrary to what we have always been told, unused and expired medications should be disposed of in a safe manner, not flushed down the toilet. 

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