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The Clark County Water Reclamation District, in conjunction with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, the Boulder City Police Department the City of Mesquite Police Department and the North Las Vegas Police Department, present the "Medicine Disposal Program". This program provides an opportunity for residents to safely and anonymously dispose of any unused, expired prescriptions or over-the-counter medications. Drop-off boxes are located inside local Police Department substations, providing a secure method for disposal.


Why Flushing is a Bad Idea

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When you flush medication down your drain, it ends up at one of our treatment facilities. These ingredients can remain in the treated water when it is released into the water cycle. The presence of these substances in the environment is emerging as an important national and international issue.

Although the concentration levels of these products in the environment is very low, research and monitoring are continuing worldwide.

Putting medications down the drain is not just a local concern. Increasingly, prescription and non-prescription medications, many of which are not effectively destroyed by sewage treatment plants, are finding their way into streams and drinking water supplies. A study conducted by the United States Geological Survey found that 80 percent of the 139 streams sampled across 30 states detected very low concentrations of chemicals commonly found in prescription drugs. While the concentration levels of these products are very low, they may be enough to cause adverse effects in the environment and to human health.

Don't Rush to Flush

This project is being undertaken as part of a settlement or an enforcement action with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.

Home Disposal

Find a Home Disposal If you are unable to get to one of the drop off locations, or if you have a small amount of medicine to dispose of, placing outdated or unneeded medications in the garbage is the best way to get rid of them.

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Police Station Disposal

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Sharps Disposal

 Needles should not be disposed of at the drop boxes.  Click here for information on Medical Sharps Disposal! Look for information on needle disposal.

Sharps Disposal