Personal wipes, baby wipes, cleaning wipes... they all work great!  But these items should never be flushed down the toilet.  Even those that are marketed as "flushable".  These items do not break down in the water like toilet paper does, and they can cause clogs and stoppages.  Only the 3 P's should go down the toilet... Pee, Poo and toilet Paper!

Don't be a Pain in the Drain! Throw your wipes in the trash Can!

Wipes do not break apart in the wastewater collection system and have to be removed. Toilet paper is the only item manufactured to break down in water.  Wipes, paper towels, facial tissues or any other item will cause damage, not only to your plumbing but to the entire sewer system. With the current COVID19 pandemic, people are using more disinfectant wipes and communities across the nation are experiencing more problems with their municipal sewer systems.


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